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In Situ Chemical Oxidation or ISCO is the art of achieving contact between an oxidising agent and a contaminant. The remediation of groundwater contamination using ISCO involves injecting oxidants and potentially co-amendments directly into the source zone (vadose zone) and down gradient plume. The oxidant chemicals react with the contaminants, producing innocuous substances such as carbon dioxide, water, and - in the case of chlorinated compounds - inorganic chloride. ISCO is a multi-step process which involves choosing the correct oxidant and delivery mechanism, requires complete understanding of the site specific oxidant demand and implementing and/or adjusting the work plan to the specific field conditions.



ISCO Advantages.


  • Faster than Bio Remediation.
  • No Adverse Application Effects.
  • Reduced Cost for Complete Remediation.
  • Excellent Choice for Source Reduction. (Large volumes of waste not generated).
  • Conclusion - savings on material, monitoring and maintenance.


We represent Carus chemical corporation, and offer their RemOx brand of potassium and sodium permanganates, which are specifically designed and manufactured to meet the strict regulatory requirements for underground injection.


Permanganates have been applied at thousand of sites globally for the successful treatment of organic compounds including: chlorinated ethenes (TCE,PCE,DCE,VC), phenolics, explosives, and many other contaminates of concern.



ISCO - In Situ Chemical Oxidation for remediaition

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REACH Compliance

Reach is an EU regulation concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals which came into force in June 2007.


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